[Vision2020] bicycling

roger hayes rhayes at turbonet.com
Sun Sep 3 06:36:43 PDT 2006

I would like to remind everyone that a person on a bicycle is a human 
being. Humans often make mistakes or display poor judgment. Most often, 
however, they act according to their best interests. Many bicyclists do 
not have a lot of experience riding. When riding, they act as if they 
are pedestrians not vehicles. This explains why they might ride on the 
sidewalk, or use pedestrian crossing.

You can get ticketed for breaking the law as a bicyclist.

In time, with enough people riding, paths, bike lanes, and right of 
ways will have to be provided for. This will mitigate some of the motor 
vehicle / bicycle conflict. In the mean time, patience and caution, 
respect and responsibility are called for.

Roger Hayes

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