[Vision2020] Home Depot & Moscow & Unfounded Bennett Rumors

Dan Carscallen areaman at moscow.com
Fri Sep 1 15:52:50 PDT 2006

Saundra says:
"The question I have is what motivation Shelley Bennett, co-secretary of
Greater Moscow Alliance, would have for starting a rumor that
perpetuates a
blatantly false stereotype about Moscow's attitude towards business???"

Looks like Shelley steps up and admits her errors.  From today's "INK"
column, thanks to Vera White:

Shelley L. Bennett told the INKster Wednesday she wishes she'd followed
her father's advice before she spoke up at the Aug. 23 Moscow Chamber of
Commerce luncheon forum featuring an economic presentation by University
of Idaho Economist Steve Peterson. 

"I was embarrassed that as my dad (Frank Bennett) would say, 'I let my
mouth go ahead of my brain'," said Shelley, associate broker/commercial
specialist with Bennett & Associates. 

The snafu began when Shelley announced at the luncheon that she'd heard
the Home Depot proposed behind the Palouse Mall had chosen not to locate
in Moscow. That "misstatement" was also broadcast on a local radio

"At the time, I believed it to be absolutely factual," Shelley lamented.
"However, I learned of my error the very next day and called the radio
station to make a correction." 

Taking full responsibility, Shelley said she had been in the retail real
estate business long enough to know that things can change. 

"I should have never made such a statement without verifying the current
facts," she said. "I made a mistake and when I make a mistake, I like to
admit it and move on." 

With that said, Shelley added that constructing a Home Depot behind the
Palouse Mall will "at least partially complete the much-needed
connection to War Bonnet Drive." 

Like the INKster, Shelley isn't shy about speaking out - one of her
endearing traits. Dad should be proud of her! 

With Shelley's help, the INKster will try to clear up "another" of
Moscow's falsehoods that is circulating widely. 

"Let your readers know that the proposed purchaser of the building
housing the Red Door restaurant, rumored to be Christ Church, is not,
and has no intention of closing down the much-loved Moscow eatery,"
Shelley said.
Tap 'er light, Moscow


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