[Vision2020] AGAIN! The punishment does not fit the crime

Sunil Ramalingam sunilramalingam at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 9 05:49:56 PDT 2006

Perhaps someone else has pointed this out by now.  If not, I will make these 
points, in order to make the voices in my head stop screaming every time I 
read one of these posts:

1. He had a life sentence suspended.  He is on probation for life.  If he 
violates his probation, he could go away to prison for LIFE.  This is NOT a 
one-year jail sentence.  And J Ford, he has ALREADY gone to Cottonwood.

2.  If he screws around when he is supposed to be going to treatment, 
perhaps between his treatment provider and the jail personnel, someone will 
know how to use a PHONE and figure out he isn't where he's supposed to be.  
And if this is a violation of his probation, please see No. 1 above.

3.  He may be released on probation, and will most likely continue with his 
treatment.  How many of you would prefer that he start with treatment now, 
instead of waiting?  I would.  He likely got started on treatment in 
Cottonwood.  Would you prefer that he lose the benefit of whatever he 
learned by sitting in jail and staring at the walls instead of continuing 
treatment?  I would not.

4.  There is nothing unusual about a person being released on bail or his 
own recognizance while their cases are pending.  Before that decision is 
made, prosecutors and judges consider whether there is continuing access to 
the victims; if there is, defendants will likely have high bails or no bail.

The people making the decisions do not get weepy-eyed in the process of 
making these decisions.  They are not on the verge of getting away with 
something if not for you meddling kids.


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>Subject: [Vision2020] AGAIN! The punishment does not fit the crime
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>Re: Sitler
>Why didn't the judge see fit to make the punishment fit the crime?
>Phil Roderick

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