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Some of us like Michael's posts. I encourage him to continue.
Joe Campbell

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Mr. Metzler, please give it a rest. A sorrowful event has occurred and you are defiantly not making it any better. The only people who are hanging on your every word are already members of your club. I am afraid that all the finger pointing that you have been doing of late is only serving to make you appear obsessed and deranged. Why don't you take a month or two off and see if you can get over what ever slight, real or imagined, that you think you have received from your former pastor. Perhaps during that time you will find a more productive way to utilize your time. Breathe in, hold it, release slowly, repeat. 

G. Crabtree
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  Wilson Writes: "Michael, you are the emotional equivalent of a sucking chest wound"


  Thank you very much for your very helpful comments here Mr. Wilson.  Instead of confessing that your entire point about the "victims" was refuted by my response, you just change the subject to "posting private emails."  That's an old issue, and not one nearly so interesting as your current public slander against me and the person who wrote the announcement.  So perhaps we should stick on target; after all, your emails were confrontational, and you certainly knew I would be posting them. They were also crucial to show that I was willing and eager to make any correction to the post before it gained a large readership; you arrogantly declined to help me do this, more concerned about hurting me than protecting anyone.  I'm getting dizzy Mr. Wilson.  Just what is your accusation against me?  Your bringing the victims into this just in your public Vision 2020 posts (unnecessarily) is despicable, and I would have never dreamed of doing such a hurtful thing.  You originally claimed that my behavior was horrible and immoral because I dare post an announcement like I did at all; you supposedly knew this because the victims asked me to pull everything off my web site.  But this only revealed your ignorance of the nature of the victim's concerns and their request (or else just further deceit); this also demonstrated that your attack on me for merely posting the announcement is ridiculous.  You are making a fool of your self Mr. Wilson, and although I would like you to show the world what kind of man you really are, I am still committed to getting the "victims" off the public square. So please stop now.


  We are in the process of gathering our stuff and kids to go to my brother in law's wedding in Colorado. I haven't even finished reading your last post about me yet.  I will be responding further as I am able.  I wish I was able to respond far more than I already have.


  Thank you

  Michael Metzler


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