[Vision2020] Thirsty for a Wal-Mart?

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Sun Apr 30 17:25:37 PDT 2006

Mr. Seman -

It is nice to see that we, to some degree, agree that water conservation
must be one of our, and Pullman's, priorities.

Perhaps you are correct in stating that whatever measures we initiate on our
side of the state line may have a minimal effect in and of itself.  A
concerted and cooperative effort must be undertaken between the powers that
be in both Moscow and Pullman.

However, until that time is realized, Moscow must do what it can.  To coin a

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with its first step."

Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"I can't.
You Can't.
We can."

- Author unknown

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Moscow should be interested in how it uses its water supply, if for no other
simple reason than it is required for life.  However, Moscow needs to be
interested in how "down-streamers" are using their water supply.  Since
Moscow sits at the eastern edge of these large aquifers and is a fractional
consumer of this resource (%-wise I don't know), I don't see how Moscow's
efforts can even be conceived as a solution to a multi-state, multi-county,
multi-municipal, issue.  Moscow is only one growth-center utilizing these
aquifers and it can set whatever limitations it wants on its own, but may
never realize any measure of conservation if other users are not mindful of
their consumption.  Statements of fact may help paint history's picture, but
there currently are not enough facts to produce much of an illustration of
the future.  It's just common sense to implement easy-use conservation
measures, but at this point it is sheer fantasy to think any limits that are
set have a reality-basis & will stop the decline of water levels...or that
Moscow is the problem.


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