[Vision2020] Cheney Visit a Joke

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri Apr 28 07:11:12 PDT 2006

>From the Letters section of today's (April 28, 2006) Spokesman review with a
special thanks to James Cranford of Spokane.


Cheney visit a joke

On April 17, "His Fascisty" - The Veep-Creep King of Cronies - came to taint
the town Repugnantcan red. Stumping for Senate candidate Mike McGavick, Icky
Dick "Five Vietnam Deferments" Cheney was joined by Rep. Cathy McMorris and
no lack of McMindless McMinions who traded their souls and $500 to stick a
fork in a heaping plate of reconstituted and reheated neo-con bull.

Many Dickciples even paid $2,100 to speak in forked tongues and be
photographed with the Vice Chickenhawk (now there's one to show the
great-grandkids: "Johnny, here's your great-granddaddy shaking hands with
the founding father of the American Fascist State - would you like to take
it to school for Show and Tell Big Brother?").

Poor Walt Worthy - he'll expend more ridding The Dav of the resultant
ideological contamination than the umpteen millions he spent to refurbish
and reopen it in the first place.

On April 17, those in the last throes of sanity greeted Mr. Cheney as
liberator - here to liberate us from our silly notions that his
administration be truthful, honorable, accountable and fiscally responsible;
that it ensure constitutional protections; and that it promote and safeguard
at home what it so vigorously seeks to instigate abroad - democracy.

James Cranford


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho


"In America, anybody can become president.  
That's one of the risks you take . . ."

- Adlai Stevenson


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