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Finally, despite your much appreciated facetious response, you hit on something: when homosexuals were still in the closet, the divorce rate was much smaller. 
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  Yet another good point from Ed.  Every time a heterosexual comes to see me 
  for a divorce, I know that sooner or later he or she will say, "You know, we 
  could have survived, we could have made this marriage work if not for people 
  I don't know who are involved in a gay relationship."


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  >True, marriages are failing at unprecedented rates... But, we disagree on a 
  >solution... Why not bring back a society (and a time) that is conducive to 
  >successful marriages? Yes, the good old days were, in fact, "good".... The 
  >divorce rate has been climbing in proportion to the decadence in which we 
  >(not all) relish. The 3% (if this is true--I hope not) is doing more harm 
  >than one realizes. However, other contributing factors are also at 
  >unprecedented levels (even immigration--a subject I won't mention for fear 
  >of opening another can of worms). Seriously, we have become so liberal as a 
  >society that nothing is sacred, marriage, values, etc...; nothing is 
  >frowned on anymore for fear of being called a bigot, homophobe, sexist , or 
  >other derogatory term.  We are on a road to certain destruction if we, as a 
  >Nation, turn from our evil ways... I don't care what people call me....I do 
  >what's in the best interest for my family and country..
  >Much care...

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