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Chasuk chasuk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 18:52:39 PDT 2006

On 4/22/06, Michael <metzler at moscow.com> wrote:

> To clarify, I'm currently interested in two things:  what the actual
> difference in cultural/behavioral expression really is (statistically)
> between current homosexual and heterosexual practice

I think that I can answer this question.  Briefly, there *is* a
difference between homosexual and heterosexual practice, and that
difference is largely one of promiscuity.  I'm not saying that all
homosexuals are promiscuous, but it is certainly true that the
majority of homosexual men are more promiscuous that heterosexual men.

They are because they can be; how many young men are constitutionally
capable of saying no to sex?  Generally, the only reason that a
heterosexual male is not having sex is that a female partner is not
available.  Take two gay males and you can see where this leads.

I rate sex as a good thing, frequent or infrequent, if that is what
both partners want, and if appropriate precautions are taken.  I would
rate it a bad thing if both of those provisos are not met.  The
genitalia of those doing the coupling is irrelevant.

I don't care what the Bible says, or the Qur'an.  I don't care what
homophobic insecurities, inadequacies, or superstitions a person has,
unless they are emotionally crippling, or have evidentially
obliterated reason.  Then I feel sorry for them.

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