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Sure, this woman's life was scarred.... the very nature of this lifestyle lends itself to "transexualism, 
anonymous sex partners, cruising, exposure to sex shops, multiple partners," among others... Synonymous? of course!

"emotionally healthy, homosexual couple"??? What? the aforementioned descriptors are independent, and go together like fire and ice..
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  This woman's life was scarred by rampant immorality on the part of her 
  father, true, but how this speaks to the issue of an intact, emotionally 
  healthy, homosexual couple raising children is beyond me.  Transexualism, 
  anonymous sex partners, cruising, exposure to sex shops, multiple partners, 
  etc., are not handy synonyms for "homosexuality" in the world most of us 
  live in.


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  Seeing as how many are quoting articles for other sources I thought this 
  might be of interest to some.

  lemeno, Doug!
  "Babies what a wonderful way to start people"

    "Gay" Subculture Left Woman Scarred from Childhood in Homosexual Home
  by Hilary White
  BOSTON, The Massachusetts government heard testimony last week from a young 
  Canadian woman, Dawn C. Stefanowicz who had been raised from infancy by her 
  homosexual father and his various "partners" in a "gay" household. She told 
  the Massachusetts Judiciary Committee that her life submerged in the 
  homosexual subculture had left her scarred psychologically and morally.
  Stefanowicz made her statement during hearings, held April 11 by the 
  Massachusetts government to consider establishing an amendment to the state 
  constitution that would define marriage as being between one man and one 
  Describing her father's homosexual lifestyle as a culture without 
  "boundaries and principles of morality and monogamy," Stefanowicz said her 
  upbringing was characterized by confusion and lack of affection, domestic 
  violence and sexual abuse.
  In her father's world which he made hers, she said, "transsexualism, and 
  transient and anonymous multiple partners were common.By age ten, for 
  example, I was exposed to a gay nude beach, a sex shop, and a gay cruising 
  In April, 2005, Ms. Stefanowicz read a statement at a Marriage Rally on 
  Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. In that statement, Stefanowicz said 
  because of the sexual molestation she endured at an early age, she was at a 
  high risk for sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. Her father and 
  several of his former partners died of the disease.
  In her Massachusetts testimony, Stefanowicz also delineated the legal and 
  societal risks of adopting homosexual marriage and hate crimes laws. She 
  warned US legislators that since the institution of such laws in Canada, 
  essential political freedoms have been severely undermined or even 
  curtailed. The homosexual lobby has used the courts and extra-judicial Human 
  Rights Tribunals to silence opposition to their program of social change.
  She said, "Freedom of speech and democracy are eroded by hate crime and 
  same-sex marriage legislation, and by judicial activism. Human Rights 
  Tribunals in Canada police speech, and penalize upstanding citizens for 
  their expressed opposition to homosexuality."
  "May what is happening in Canada serve as a warning to Massachusetts. Where 
  can the children find safety if legislation is in place legitimizing 
  homosexual marriage?" she said.
  The Protection of Marriage Amendment now awaits a vote by the Massachusetts 
  legislature during the state Constitution Convention scheduled for May 10, 
  2006. If approved by 50 legislators this year and next year, the Protection 
  of Marriage Amendment will appear on the November 2008 ballot for a 
  statewide vote.
  Read Stefanowicz's testimony:

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