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Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 20 17:39:37 PDT 2006

 You ask what laws you have violated. OK, here are a few  for to start. Harassment, intimidation, and making threats. As for  libelous, how about looking back at some of your own emails and online  publications. 
 Refusing to accept the reality that J Ford is  Jackie Woolf, that is fine, if you are unable to read her IP address  stamps and match numbers that is believable. Some people refuse to read  and believe the dinosaurs were around 65 million years ago and not ten  thousand. But then again, just because it is published information does  not mean it is any good, I mean didn't somebody publish something you  tried to call a book?
  Take Care,

Joan Opyr <joanopyr at moscow.com> wrote:  
On Apr 20, 2006, at 9:08 AM, keely emerinemix wrote:

> Donovan:
> 1.  You name me with other people and say that they and I "violate the 
> law."  This is a lie; moreover, it's libelous.
> 2.   If you want to speak of me, speak of me as an individual, not a 
> member of some group you find distasteful.
> 3.   You've crossed a line here, and it's not good.  Stop it.
> keely

Keely is correct, and if she doesn't mind, I'll add a few things to her 

1. Name one law that I've violated, Donovan.  Any single one.  Were you 
thinking, perhaps, of Idaho's sodomy laws?  If so, then you need to 
keep up with recent Supreme Court decisions.  You also need a mirror.

2. Like Keely, I am an individual.  The term "intolerista" is a 
Wilsonism I find distasteful, offensive, and with which I do not 
identify.  You will not find me calling myself an intolerista, not even 
for the sake of amusement.  Similarly, I don't expect Dale Courtney or 
Doug Farris to embrace the terms "Dougsciple" or "Doug's Thugs."  These 
terms express my personal disdain for these men, but I wouldn't expect 
to read the word "Dougsciple" in the local newspaper.  The  same should 
be true of the neologism "intolerista."  Unfortunately, "intolerista" 
as been used by the Trib's Jim Fisher and Tom Henderson.  Both should 
be ashamed.  Obviously, it's a been a long time since either attended 
an ethics in journalism class.

3. It is not libel to email Don Huskey personally and tell him that you 
think he's a peeping Tom.  It's rude, crude, stupid and foolish, but 
it's not libel.  When it becomes libel is when you make that accusation 
to a third party, i.e., the hundreds of people on this list.  You have 
long since crossed the line, Donovan.  Step back.  Step back now.

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

PS: Until or unless J. Ford identifies on this list as Jackie Woolf, I 
will assume J. Ford is J. Ford.  I will also assume that metk7 is 
metk7, that Edna Wilmington is Edna Wilmington, and I will address Faul 
Ottomatticks, Stigmatta X and any number of other pseudonymous posters 
by whatever nom de plumes they happen to choose.  Why not?  George 
Eliot is still George Eliot, and George Sand still George Sand.  For 
all we know, Donovan, you might be Deep Throat.

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Celebrate Earth Day everyday!  Discover 10 things you can do to help slow climate change. Yahoo! Earth Day
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