[Vision2020] Vision2020 in the yard?

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Wed Apr 19 20:55:20 PDT 2006


I thought that was the law of the west. Shoot first then ask questions.


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>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Vision2020 in the yard?
>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 20:28:25 -0700
>A friend of mine told me that when Doug found Jackie on his property, he 
>shot her. After all, it is his property. Is this true? I hope so. This 
>would be a much more humane treatment than Jackie's received so far.
>By the way, this is a joke! I hope you guys have a sense of humor!
>That's three for me today! See you tomorrow!
>Joe Campbell
>---- Tim Lohrmann <timlohr at yahoo.com> wrote:
>         I was talking to someone the other day who asked if I read V2020.
>         I said I subscribe but rarely have time/inclination to read it.
>         This person then told me something I doubt is true.
>        They said that one of the V2020 "regulars" was caught out in the 
>yard of one of the leaders of either NSA or Christ Church.
>        According to this rumor, the owner wasn't home but came home to 
>find this Vision2020 post-er trespassing in their yard and photographing 
>various parts of their property.
>        Anyone heard about this?
>        I told him that while some of the people on V2020 didn't much care 
>for those two entities, I doubted that anyone would do this.
>        He swore it was a fact, I told him I'd check on it.
>      What's the scoop? Any truth to this?
>        TL
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