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Wed Apr 19 10:27:04 PDT 2006

Media Release

To: All Media Outlets
From: Jennifer L. McFarland
	Public Information Officer
Date: 19 April 2006
RE: Rape investigation and arrest

On 4/19/2006 at approximately 02:12, deputies responded to a rape report at
a residence between Moscow and Troy on Hwy. 8.  The 30 year-old female
victim reported that Darlo Doran Tolan II, a 19 year-old Coflax man,
forcibly and repeatedly raped her.  The victim reported that she tried to
fight Tolan off and repeatedly told him "No," throughout the attack.  The
victim also reported that Tolan pointed a revolver at her, and at that
point, the victim stopped resisting Tolan's attack.  Tolan left the house on
foot, and the victim called the Sheriff's Office.  Deputies searched the
area and found Tolan along the Latah Trail.  Tolan was arrested for Rape,
Idaho Code 18-6101.  The victim was treated at Gritman Medical Center.
Deputies processed the crime scene and gathered evidence.  The case remains
under investigation.

A booking photo of Darlo Doran Tolan II is available via email upon request.

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