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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Tue Apr 18 05:52:36 PDT 2006

>From today's (April 18, 2006) "Letters to the Editor" section of the UI
Argonaut with a special thanks to Megan Renaldo (UI sophomore majoring in
Anthropology) -


Challenge passed to you

Dear Editor,

I am blessed to have a friend and mentor who set before me a daily challenge
to "Wake up questioning your beliefs. If they are the same when you go to
bed, that's great. If they have changed, that's great, too. You have grown."

The latest topic parallels nicely with Josh Studor's article in Tuesday's
Argonaut ("Christianity and Sexuality Redefined"). A Catholic friend of mine
has an uncle who is gay. He promised God and his family to remain out of any
homosexual relationship according to God's will. Catholic catechism doesn't
teach homosexuality to be evil but homosexual acts to be sin. Not to say he
loves these children any less, but he made Eve for Adam, not another man. 

I never questioned this until I learned my mentor is also gay and active in
relationships. This information presented a challenge. Is my mentor wrong? I
was asked to consider this and come to my own conclusion. My church says
yes, the actions are wrong, but how can I agree when I feel I condemn them
to a life of loneliness? Isn't it enough that men find themselves shunned by
family and society alike? Some claim homosexuality is a choice. I know of
nobody who purposefully makes themselves a target for hate and

While I commend the first man for his faithfulness, I will not condemn the
second for his lifestyle. This puts me at odds with the church, but so be
it. I spent long hours exploring this issue for myself and my stance
changed. Not to one of total acceptance, but of tolerance and love. This may
illustrate Studor's "Pick-And-Choose View," but it is the one I stand on. I
know many readers will disagree with me, but I pose the above challenge to
you, as well. Explore.

Megan Renaldo
sophomore, anthropology


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom "Straight, but Not Narrow" Hansen
Moscow, Idaho


"Once again here's a bunch of radicals attempting to force their lifestyle
on people who do not wish to recognize that lifestyle as normal.  What ever
happened to live and let live?" 

- Varnel W. (March 18, 2006)


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