[Vision2020] Re: Baby's coo for a cold and distant Nick........

joekc at adelphia.net joekc at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 17 21:17:08 PDT 2006

Dear Tony,

I always gave you the benefit of doubt until I read your very first words.

Nick told you that he did not want to be called 'Prof.,' etc. yet you continue to annoy him with this label. What is the point of this usage if not to harass?

Best, Joe

---- ToeKneeTime at aol.com wrote: 

I had you pegged as a pretty grounded thinker until your last  message.  I 
gotta' admit that your wistful tale of angst ridden apes and  composing whales 
was waaay over the top.  Apes are people now?  Prof,  I think you need to ease 
up on the caffeine after lunch.  Look, it's not  nearly as complicated a 
proposition as you find it.  You see, human beings  are human beings.  According to 
our declaration of Independence, they have  an unalienable right to life.  
When a boy human and a girl human conceive a  third being, it is a human being.  
Now then, this third human therefore has  an unalienable right to life.  
Easy.  And it probably won't even be on  the test.  Monkeys are not human, they 
are monkeys.  Whales are not  human, they are whales, etc.
If you wish to refer to select humans of your choosing as persons and then  
conclude that they should be summarily executed, fine.  But don't expect to  
find a seat at the table in civilized company.
It is not your LOGIC that I find strict and cold, Nick.  I'm every bit  as 
logical.  What I find disconcerting is how your logic seams to be  unaccompanied 
by any empathy or conscience.  A whale is a monkey is a  rat is a pig is a 
boy, right Teach?
You ask how the description of Christian belief as "a personal relationship  
with a personal God" could be regarded by me as a "twisted and presumptuous  
characterization" of this great religion.  What you failed to note and hope  
the readership doesn't notice, is that I referred to your presentation of my  
position on abortion as "twisted and presumptuous".  Period.  You  could bring 
your grade up if you would stop quoting out of context......
As for my "view" of the soul,  I would not be foolish enough to advise  folks 
about the exact nature of such concepts.  I merely speculated that at  some 
point we may come to understand these concepts far better than we do at  
present.  And I think that science and religion may dovetail in some  astonishing 
Chewing gum in class,  __ Tony 

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