[Vision2020] Diane Baumgart, Her Neighbors, and the Law

Michael metzler at moscow.com
Fri Apr 14 11:04:34 PDT 2006

This is a false alternative Doug; I'm sure there are different ways of
cutting up the pie, but please allow me to suggest my own:  There is
Liberalized Christianity, Conservative Main Stream Christianity,
Fundamentalist Christianity, the Kirk, Cults, and Groups Like the Taliban.
I would recommend working with a framework like this in your analysis.
Certainly, Dr. Gier's analysis is a bit more relevant than you suggest. 



Michael Metzler




As to Nick Gier having you for a defense attorney, any one who can't tell
the difference between the taliban and Christianity doesn't deserve the
Emeritus he is so fond of letting people know he possess.  


Lemeno, Doug


ps how's the job search going!


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