[Vision2020] Differential justice?

Joan Opyr joanopyr at moscow.com
Thu Apr 13 23:55:04 PDT 2006

Why was the Unitarian Universalist Church forbidden by the City of 
Moscow to expand in its present location?  The answer I heard tonight 
was "inadequate parking."  How very interesting.  The Unitarian 
Universalist Church is located in a residential zone.  No one actually 
lives on that block and parking is only a potential problem on Sunday.  
I would now like to hear an explanation from the elected officials of 
our fair city, as well as from planning and zoning staff, as to why the 
UUs are being "persecuted, targeted, and singled out" in this way.  Why 
not rewrite city zoning code (again) and give this church a convenient 
spot zone?

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

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