[Vision2020] Complaints Filed Against Boarding Houses

keely emerinemix kjajmix1 at msn.com
Wed Apr 12 20:25:43 PDT 2006


Count me as one of those who disagrees with you on this (and who hasn't been 
terribly impressed with the fruit of academic rigor I've seen from NSA), but 
who would love to have a beer with you sometime ("you" being second person 
singular or second person plural; "beer," in my case, probably meaning 

I think the complaint about boarding houses is far from juvenile, and while 
houses with illegal boarders isn't the biggest problem Moscow faces, it's 
emblematic of other difficulties.  Nonetheless, if any other church group, 
or anyone else, were violating the law, I would expect the city to 

Let's talk about this sometime with a gang of other curmudgeonly 


From: Chasuk <chasuk at gmail.com>
To: vision2020 at moscow.com
Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Complaints Filed Against Boarding Houses
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 20:09:38 -0700

I'm not overly admiring of the CC'ers religious beliefs, nor am I
pleased with the current location of NSA.  However, this latest action
amounts to little more than childish harassment, and any attempt to
justify it as "a simple matter of the law being the law" is
disingenuous at best.

Most of the kids who graduate from NSA don't leave here having been
indoctrinated into racist, homophobic, misogynistic Limbaugh/Coulter
clones.  I've talked to _many_ of them, and they have a pretty
rigorous education.  It's obvious in their deportment and their
vocabulary, and their ability to engage in thoughtful discourse.
These qualities tend to open one's mind, despite the intentions of
those who instilled them.  Why do you think so many Roman Catholic
priests become atheists after having spent years in seminary?

I want the NSA off Main Street, as I've already stated.  Further, I'd
prefer that they had a less prominent position in this town.  Still, I
can't help believe that there must be a way to accomplish without
being embarrassing.  I carry my liberal membership card proudly, but
that pride is tarnished by this nasty juvenilia.  It discredits us; it
not only gives the CC'ers ammunition, it gives reason for the general
population to shake their heads.

I'm not being deliberately contrary.  I respect many of you here
enormously, so it pains me to be at odds with you to this extent.  I
think we really do need to get together for that beer we keep talking
about to let all of this wash over us (as things wash pleasantly down


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