[Vision2020] Complaints Filed Against Boarding Houses

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 17:01:50 PDT 2006

 Don't worry. They will make sure that every student  and Moscow Resident is kicked out their houses too. It is worth it to  them to get at NSA students. It is only fair and the moral thing to do,  it is the law after all. 
And why be economical and kind to  the evironoment, and allow affordable housing in our community when we  can create urban sprawl by making sure every person has to rent 1200  square feet of space at $750 an apartment and own their own  refrigerator, microwave, three tv's, washer and dryer, couch etc. It  only makes sense not to share and have boarding houses in a college  town. Of course the fact that Don Huskey has a several people living in  his house that he is not legally related to and does not even live in  Moscow is irrelevant. 
 And yes, NSA students should not also  be UI students. That would increase enrollment at UI bringing in more  state and federal dollars to our community. 

Gabriel Rench <k5grench at hotmail.com> wrote:              v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);}            st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }                    Again:  What about U of I students who board with families, foreign exchange  students, Mormons who come up here for their mission and according to  you Moscow is the only city in the whole united states that would not  allow boarding?  Moscow is elite.  Also as my friend  Deacon put it: 
    “·   Why is a group of three or four roommates, one of whom owns the house, a  violation? 
    ·  Why are people in Potlatch or  on the Troy highway in violation of Moscow  city code? 
    ·  Why are people who rent a  separate apartment in a house that is zoned for such a purpose considered  boarders?”
    I  understand that following an argument has never been you or Wayne Art  Deco Fox’s strong suite, but we have been prejudicially targeted for  this
 and this is why you blend weed and zoning all into one  basket.  Cheers!
    Gabriel Rench 
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  Subject: Re: [Vision2020]  Complaints Filed Against Boarding Houses
    On Apr 12, 2006, at 8:46  AM, Gabriel Rench wrote:
    This complaint list only people from Christ Church  or Trinity. I graduated
  from U of I and I can't tell you how many people I new that boarded with a
  family that went to U of I (especially exchanged students). Every city I
  have ever lived in I new of some one boarding with a family. This is not out
  of the ordinary. Don you are doing a good job making us look like the
  friendly neighbor and the Intoleristas a little more intolerant. Keep up
  the good work soldier! Cheers! 
  Gabriel Rench
  You graduated from the U of I and you spell like this? Go back, young  man, go back! You seem to have slept through some classes.
 As  Omie Drawhorn noted in her April 11th Daily News article, Moscow City  Code allows for one -- ONE -- boarder in a single-family residence. The  owner of the house must apply for and receive a conditional use permit,  first proving that there is adequate parking and that the addition of  ONE boarder "will not disrupt the character of the neighborhood." Moscow  code does not allow for multiple boarders in a single family home,  period. Every city you've ever lived in doesn't come into this  argument, Gabe; this isn't London,  Beijing, or Timbuktu. The only zoning ordinance that  applies here is Moscow  zoning ordinance, and, quelle surprise, Doug Wilson and his followers  are once again in consistent and deliberate violation of that  ordinance. The pattern here is not one of religious persecution, no  matter how hard you try to spin this pathetic fallacy. The pattern is  that Christ Church  and its affiliates believe that they are above the law, hence the  perpetual
 demands for special treatment and the insistence on a blind  eye in enforcement. 
 Is there not one, single, solitary  thing that you can and will do by the secular book? Must you jump in  line, thumb your noses, and cut corners everywhere? You call us  intolerant; I call you obnoxious. All you need to do is obey the same  laws as the rest of us. That's it. No one wants to run you out of town;  we simply ask that you respect the same laws that we are obliged to  respect, the laws that make it possible for us all to be good  neighbors. You are not good neighbors. Good neighbors don't cram their  houses full of transient students, trampling on the lawns, the  patience, and the good will of those who live around them. Good  neighbors don't take up retail parking to which they are not entitled  and for which they pay no taxes. Good neighbors make an effort to play  by the rules; they don't shriek religious persecution when the rules  they've chosen to ignore are finally enforced. Good neighbors don't  demand that the goal posts be moved because they've
 failed to score the  extra point. 
 Just for the record, Gabe and others, when  Chris Schlect of New St. Andrews was told by the city in the year 2000  that New St. Andrews could not continue to operate out of his living  room, the city also made mention of the fact that if NSA wanted to run  student boarding houses, they would need to apply for conditional use  permits. NSA has had six years to get its house(s) in order. Clearly,  they have chosen not to. Why the pretense that these assorted zoning  complaints are a bolt from the blue? I'm sorry to say you asked for it,  but you asked for it.
  Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment
  PS: Hands up all who pay taxes on their lavish boarding house incomes?
  PPS: Someone probably ought to look into that, but it won't be this good soldier.
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