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For those who wonder, MEChA is "Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanos de Aztlan," 
and Andreas is right -- when I knew of the group way back at the University 
of Arizona in the late 70s/early 80s, "Aztlan" was a symbol, not a 
gerrymandered plat lined out to eventually secede from the U.S.  and cause 
Mekt7 all sorts of difficulties.

Further, my undocumented friends haven't a clue what MEChA is, probably know 
little or nothing about "Aztlan," and are too busy working and paying taxes 
to care.


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 > Well, let's see. Last night I saw on Fox news that the Latinos are saying
 > Whites leave this is Aztlan. I've been hearing such racist drivel like 
 > for years. I find it very ominous. It has a very Nazi feel to it.

Let's break down your statement.

'Latinos' are saying that whites should leave the Southwest. Which
Latinos? All Latinos? The answer is: very few.

Mostly, one guy: Hector Carreon, who self-publishes a newsletter
called 'La Voz de Aztlan', was kicked out of the Brown Berets for
radicalism, and occasionally starts fistfights with Minutemen.
Hector's a plain ol' unreconstructed anti-Semite and racist -- same as
white anti-Semites and racists, other than that he hates white people
as much as everyone else. Voz de Aztlan has three staff writers and a
crappy webpage. If you're concerned about an army led by a crappy web
page conquering our great nation -- well, I'm not sure what you're
talking about.

Because Voz de Aztlan appropriated language (specifically, the term
'Aztlan') from the Chicano radical group MEChA, the response of
racists has been to conflate the two. While Voz de Aztlan talks about
literal secession from the United States, MEChA uses the term 'Aztlan'
as a metaphorical term for all Mexican-Americans living in the United
States. If you read El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan, the document that
the term 'Aztlan' comes from, you'll find that the closest to
'secession' that it advocates is the formation of a Chicano political
party. Whether or not you think that's a good idea, 'Nazi' it's not.

In other words, you've been duped by racist bull. Big surprise that
Fox News is peddling that sort of thing.

-- ACS

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