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Check out Siskind's website. It is an immigration website that, among other things, shows current immigration cases. For instance, about a week ago, a Chinese woman was granted asylum because her village tried to force her into a marriage. Since North Koreans can't get here, that is not a viable question. Depending on the case, Middle Easterners are granted Asylum, with regularity.I have no idea where you came up with the illegals decendants question, but since you mentioned it, I would like the 14th Amendment adjusted so that only the naturaized and children of citizens  could obtain citizenship.
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Mekt stated:
"If they come from countries with a serious track record for cruelty and there is a reasonable case, they usually will get asylum."
Are you saying that our government would be willing to grant political asylum to all refugees from China, North Korea, and the Mid East?
I tend to doubt it.
Question:  If, as many are seeking, those US-born offspring born from "illegal" parents are themselves considered to be "illegals", how far back should the INS research to determine "illegals"?  Suppose the INS were to determine that there were "illegals"  that snuck aboard America-bound ships (to avoid criminal prosecution in Europe) during the 19th century, should their children (and their children's children and their children's children's children and . . . ) be returned to Europe?
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