[Vision2020] A Middle Aged Person's Public Obsession with Doug Wilson

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 08:06:08 PDT 2006

    Dear Visionaries,
          Being that I have no life and am obsessed with everything  about Doug Wilson, what he does, doesn’t do, and how and what he is planning, I  have complied a list of information about Doug Wilson contributed by people  that also have no life and hate him, but you can rest assured it is all accurate.  
                  This is a list of what Doug Wilson eats for breakfast. And  yes, it does include a diet of puppies, kittens and babies.
      What kind of toilet paper does Doug Wilson use? Hint: look  at the title. 
      The popular question that must be asked of all important public  firgures is answered here:
      This is an interesting essay written by a liberal professor  at UI that has way too much time on his hands.
      And what does the cool Reverend drive? Check out what the Rev revs  here:
      Is Doug Wilson cheating on his taxes? You look over his tax  return and find out yourself. 
      Did Wilson  ever get stoned? Find out in this fascinating essay from an old college friend.
      Doug Wilson went to the zoo, and there he saw homosexual  penguins. Find out what Wilson  did about it.
      From Star magazine the question is asked:
      What books does Wilson  read:
      And yes, the conspiracy is uncovered, Doug Wilson is  planning to take over the world, starting with Moscow. The evidence is all provided from you  in here:
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