[Vision2020] Troy Market Robbery

Jennifer McFarland jmcfarland at latah.id.us
Mon Apr 3 09:47:11 PDT 2006

The Troy Market was robbed last night.  Below is the information we gave to
the press.  You may also view it on our website.

Media Release
3 April 2006

To: All media outlets
From: Jennifer L. McFarland
	Public Information Officer
RE: Troy Market Robbery

Due to an error in the initial report, inaccurate information was
disseminated last night; my apologies. This is an update on the robbery that
took place in Troy, Idaho, at 19:01, on 2 April 2006.

At about 19:01 on 3 April 2006, the Latah County Sheriff's Office received a
call from a female employee at the Troy Market (339 S. Main Street, Troy,
Idaho) reporting that she'd just been robbed.  The woman reported that she
was closing the store when two males entered the building wearing dark
colored hooded sweatshirts and either ski-masks or scarves covering their
faces (so she could only see their eyes).  She said one was about 5'10", 160
lbs, and that the other seemed to be about 5'6" (no weight estimation
given).  The men ordered her to lock the front door, which she did. They
instructed her to open the cash registers and to give them the money.  They
also asked for keys to the backdoors, which she gave them as well.  She
woman said the males had their hands in their pockets, so she was so she was
unsure as to whether they had weapons.  The men took the money and some
cigarettes from the store and ran out the back of the store through the
alley.  Latah County Deputies and the Troy Chief of Police investigated the
scene and are still looking for information.  If anyone has any information
about the robbery, please contact the Latah County Sheriff's Office at (208)

PIO Jennifer L. McFarland
Latah County Sheriff's Office
Public Information Officer
PO Box 8068
Moscow, Idaho 83843
(208) 882-2216
Fax (208) 883-2281

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