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Brent Bradberry bbradber at moscow.com
Sat Apr 1 18:35:13 PST 2006

Thanks, Kai. Your help makes it clear. Since the images were in the 
Latah County section, I had thought they were images of Latah county. 
Silly me!
And thank you again, Debbie.

Kai Eiselein wrote:

> Thank you, Debbie, for post the link! Especially the Montana one! Now 
> I can go back and look at the Flathead Valley and Little Bitteroot 
> Lake anytime. The best times and memories of my life are at that lake.
> Anyway, for Brent, I'm looking at the Deary S. map. The large body of 
> water is Dworshak Res.
> The canyon that goes L-R across the middle of the photo is the 
> Clearwater Canyon. Follow it to the right and you'll see the 
> confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers.
> The canyons below (N) and towards the center are part of the Potlatch 
> River drainage If you floow it SW, you'll see where Arrow Junction is.
> Ther are a couple of other smaller canyons between the lake and Arrow, 
> I don't remember what the name of the upside down "F" shaped one is, 
> but the area between it and the Clearwater is Cream Ridge.
> The other smaller canyon is where Bedrock Creek is. You can see its 
> outlet from Hwy 2 between Arrow and Orofino.
> Going diagonaly left (SE) from the lake, you can see where two canyons 
> split and nearly parallel each other. The one with the white area 
> (snow) is the Selway, the other is the Lochsa, which Hwy 2 parallels 
> towards Montana.
> Hope that helps, I'm going off of memory of areas of been.
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