[Vision2020] RE: Homeland Security Dept. Failure!

Tbertruss at aol.com Tbertruss at aol.com
Sat Sep 17 13:56:54 PDT 2005

Phil et. al.

Phil wrote on 9/12/05 responding to my post on 9/11/05 subject headed 
"Homeland Security Dept. Failure:"

What you should have posted, Ted, was this;



My post that you responded to with the comment above, contained this very 
link that you claim I "should have posted."

>From my post on 9/11/05 with the subject heading "Homeland Security Dept. 

Governor Blanco sends letter to President Bush requesting that he declare a 
state of emergency Sat. August 27, 2005.  This letter makes it very clear that 
Governor Blanco wants federal help, that the pending disaster may be more than 
state and local resources can cope with, and it even contains details on 
sharing funding, granting right of way, and release from damages to do requested 



The readers of this discussion can decide for themselves who is "bending 
facts" when Phil claims I should have posted a link to info that I in fact did 
post in the very post Phil answered.

Ted Moffett
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