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I have not bad mouthed Nancy Chaney. She has been a
friend of my family for many years. I like Nancy
Chaney, I just do not support her for mayor at this
time nor do I approve of some of her supporters
tactics. I worked on Chaney's campaign for the City
Council. But you would not know it because she won. ;P

Pike lost the election because she was running against
a popular Republican incumbent in a Republican county
in a Republican year for reelection. If you bothered
to check your statistics, 90% of incumbents win
reelection. In other words, Democrats lost seats and
offices all over the county and in the country,
including Tom Daschle, the Democratic Senate Leader.

The only place where Pike did not perform to
expectations as a Democratic Candidate was in Precinct
29 and 27, Which is Troy and Potlatch, I would be
happy to show you these numbers. 

She lost in Troy because Jack Nelson, her opponent,
was from there, life long farmer and well loved by the

Pike lost in Potlatch because a group of people out
there were upset about the rock blasting and Linda was
chair of the board that gave them permission to do so.
As I recall, you were a member of that group raising
awareness of this as a important issue.

Wayne, I think your efforts to try to drive a wedge
between me and others in our community is a very sorry
high school state of mind to be in. Both Linda Pike
and Nancy Chaney are kind and accepting people. If
either Nancy of Linda were the type of people to
outcast others out of fear of not getting elected to
an office they would not be the type of people we
would want in office. A good leader accepts people and
is inclusive. 

If a candidate does not want me to do some leg work,
run numbers for them, organize information, do
research, pound a sign, or be active in their
campaign, that is fine by me--I have two jobs and go
to graduate school to keep me busy. 

Take Care,

Donovan J Arnold

--- Art Deco <deco at moscow.com> wrote:

> Joan, et al,
> Of practical significance is the question of
> Donovan's effect on the Mayor's race in the oncoming
> Moscow election?
> How many votes will it cost front-runner Peg Hamlett
> to have Donovan's support?
> How many votes will Nancy Chaney gain because of
> Donovan's bad-mouthing of her and his viciously
> persistent, argumentative style in support of Ms.
> Hamlett?
> We all learned a lesson about Donovan's political
> effect on those he supports from Linda Pike's last
> campaign.
> Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
> deco at moscow.com
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>   So, Donovan has taken a class in terrorism
> (Really? From Osama himself?) and now he’s Richard
> Friggin’ Clark. This is Wilson-think at its best –
> instant expert; just add ego. Well, you can’t have
> the expert stage all to yourself, sonny boy. Here
> are some classes I’ve taken and my consequent
> expertise:
>   Ballet – I’m better than Maria Tallchief
>   Tap – I’m better than Fred Astaire
>   Mathematics of Finance – Anyone need an
> uncertified CPA?
>   French – Just call me Napoleon Bonaparte
>   Guitar – ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky
>   Cello (2 lessons) – I put the “yo” in Yo-Yo Ma
>   Tae Kwon Do – Given world enough and time, I could
> kick Jet Li’s ass
>   Bailed my late brother-in-law out of jail -- Oh
> George, I'm ready for my Supreme Court appointment!
>   For heaven’s sake, Donovan, put a sock in it. You
> have demonstrated time and time again that you
> couldn’t find your butt in the dark with both hands
> tied behind your back. I have read the 911
> Commission Report. I’ve read Richard Clark’s
> “Against All Enemies.” I keep up with current
> events. Am I a terrorism expert? Hell no. I’m an
> interested citizen with a library card.
>   Now, get a grip on yourself, Donovan – a different
> grip. Let go of what you’ve currently got in your
> hands, reach up about three feet, and grab your
> tongue instead. I will thank you, Sunil will thank
> you, and your poor relatives (at least those who are
> obliged to live here in Moscow) will thank you. You
> are tarnishing the Arnold name; you really are. As
> if old Benedict hadn’t done enough . . .
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