[Vision2020] RE: scorecard questions for moscow candidates for mayor and city council

Michael Curley curley at turbonet.com
Mon Oct 31 13:36:26 PST 2005

Aaron, et al friends:
Just so you don't get trapped in the future.  The high school is a 
permitted use because it was a use of right at the time the zone was 
changed.  In other words, it is a legally-permitted non-conforming 
use.  Although some would say the city allowed high schools by right 
when it rezoned the property, others would say that General Business 
(the applicable zoning to the HS) does not permit high schools. 
Either way it doesn't matter. Rather than try to solve that legal 
issue, you are happy to point out that the high school was a legal 
use when the rezone was made, and it therefore continues to be a 
legal use today.  

It's a nuance, but I don't want anyone making points at your expense--
and I think the short answer you gave is best--saving complicated 
explanations for follow up.


On 31 Oct 2005 at 13:21, Tom Hansen wrote:

> Thanks, Aaron
> I will post these to the web as soon as I get home this afternoon.
> Tom H.
> >From: "aaron ament" <citizenament at moscow.com>
> >To: "Nate Wilson" <natewilson at moscow.com>, <vision2020 at moscow.com>,  
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> ><FSBPelfrey at aol.com>,        "Charles Nolan"
> ><cnp at charlesnolanpublishers.com> Subject: scorecard questions for
> >moscow candidates for mayor and city council Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005
> >13:17:31 -0800
> >
> >Questions
> >
> >1. Do you support the 44-acre Sports Complex that the City of Moscow
> >is planning on putting in on Palouse River Drive adjacent to the
> >Arboretum?
> >
> >     Not as proposed.
> >
> >       2.  Do you support extending 3rd Street through to Mountain
> >       View?
> >
> >     I believe a motor vehicle bridge connecting Third Street with
> >     Mountain 
> >View would be a bad idea.
> >
> >3.  Do you believe that Moscow High School should be allowed to
> >remain in its current location?
> >
> >     Moscow High School is a permitted use in its current location.
> >
> >4.  Do you believe that the Moscow Alternative School should be
> >allowed to remain in its current location?
> >
> >     Schools should not be allowed by right in any zone, but should
> >     be 
> >considered on a case by case basis and be allowed only by a
> >Conditional Use Permit, as the Planning and Zoning Commission has
> >suggested to the Moscow City Council.
> >
> >       5.  Do you believe the Food Coop should be allowed to move
> >       into its 
> >new location?
> >
> >         The Moscow Food Co-op is a permitted use in its current
> >         location.
> >
> >6.  Do you believe that New Saint Andrews should be allowed to remain
> > downtown in its current location?
> >
> >     City Code states that the Central Business District is a place
> >     for 
> >retail; professional; personal service businesses and public
> >gathering places.  Commercial schools are allowed in the CBD by
> >virtue of their retail component.  Rather than relaxing the code,
> >Commercial Schools should be required to get a Conditional Use Permit
> >to insure that they have a retail component.
> >
> >7.  Do you believe that Atlas School should be allowed to remain in
> >its current location?
> >
> >     See answer to no. 6.
> >
> >8.  Counties throughout Idaho allow tax-exempt organizations to
> >apportion property square footage according to taxable and tax-exempt
> >uses.  Latah County Commissioners refuse to allow apportionment.  Do
> >you support our County Commissioners decision?
> >     City Council does not have a voice in tax decisions decided by
> >     the 
> >County Commissioners and I will not interfere with their process or
> >jurisdiction.
> >
> >9.  Do you believe that the leadership and/or members of Christ
> >Church and related institutions are racist?
> >
> >     I do not know all the leadership and members of Christ Church. 
> >     I am 
> >not sure I know all its related institutions.  Therefore I cannot
> >answer this question.  I do believe that Doug Wilson's co-authorship
> >of a tract that essentially says slavery was good for the slaves is
> >racist as I understand the term.
> >
> >10.  Do you believe the recent legal complaints filed against NSA,
> >Christ Church, Atlas School, and Logos School are intended to target
> >a particular person or religious ideology?
> >
> >      I have no knowledge of the motivations of those who filed the 
> >complaints.
> >
> >11.  Do you believe public officials should allow the complaint
> >process to be manipulated for personal or ideological reasons?
> >
> >     Unlike many other levels of government, the City Council
> >     functions in 
> >legislative, executive and quasi-judicial capacities at different
> >times.  The ideology that motivates a particular request is seldom a
> >proper inquiry or decision making basis for our City Council.
> >
> >12.  Do you believe that the Vision 20/20 e-mail forum is a good
> >reflection on the City of Moscow?
> >
> >     I am not sure I understand this question; therefore, I cannot
> >     answer 
> >it.
> >
> >
> >     Aaron Ament
> >     Candidate for the two year term on Moscow City Council

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