[Vision2020] Re: Signal to Noise

Scott Dredge sdredge at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 11:50:59 PDT 2005

I'm sure this post is referring to the childish
behavior of both Carl Westberg Jr. and me on this

If there is anyone on this list that may have been
offended by anything I've posted - and I don't believe
that anyone has been - but in the extremely unlikely
event that anyone has been offended then I would like
to offer up my mostest sincerest apology from the
bottom of my heart.

And just for the record...Carl started this childish
behavior first!


Mon Oct 24 15:08:53 PDT 2005
-- masrick at gmail.com wrote --

since joining this group a very short time ago, I
learned that you can't really have intelligent
discourse on the Vision 20/20 list in Moscow.

there was a beautiful discussion on belief, but alas,
that was only a few souls.

the rest was bite and claw and back stab and mud smear
and bigotry and childishness.

some hints before I go.

if your say your going to sue someone for
slander/liable. put up or shut up. failure to do so
when you keep threatening it is only a further drop in
your credibility. and after the 9th time of hearing
it. we ignore it

realize your making this a unpleasant place for people
who actually have things they want to talk about. I
believe the psychobabble term is "toxic". 

and grow up. this isn't your own private sand box. act
like adults.

and with that, I leave, having been driven off this
forum yet again by the vicious children that hang out here

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