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From: Keely Mix 
 "... making the school populations of Russell and West Park the focus of a bond levy (as opposed to a plant facilities or supplemental or other levy)"
Keely, WHAT does this mean? I know it's "about the Kids", all of your advertising and yard signs say that, but what does it mean? "... a bond might best meet the needs of the students at WP and R." You didn't answer my first question, how does 4.6 million and 4.0 million add up to 15 million?
"... the root of his objections is his conviction that "government schools" are inherently evil and unworthy of his support" I have never stated anywhere to anyone that government schools are evil. You can have your schools just manage the monies you confiscate from the public better. You don't need 12 students in each class at least get back to the goal of 20 -25. (2230/175=12.75, 2230/22.5=100) do away with 50-75 teachers and live within your means you will have 3-5 million to start one heck of a building savings account. Do away with high priced adminstrators and you make 1 million more. MSD is BLOATED from the top down.
"One other thing: I'll rejoice on the day Heirdoug gets his enthusiasm and information from someone other than Courtney's blog," Who's to know that maybe I gave Dale all of his ideas?!
"... And, Doug -- I don't speak German, I speak Spanish. We both speak English and that would seem to be a good language for us to communicate in . . "
"This is amerika and we speak amerikan" Keely, what happened to "Multiculturalism"?
Keep on posting, you may start to make sense!
lemeno, Doug!
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