[Vision2020] Third Street Jam (was LMT Article)

Art Deco deco at moscow.com
Tue Oct 25 17:36:43 PDT 2005


Perhaps these two ideas may help:

1.    Remove the parking from the north side of Third between Washington and 
Main, thus creating a buffer for turning traffic.

2.    Motivate the MPD to enforce the law with actual citations to those 
that run the yellow light and fail to clear the intersection before the red 
light and cite those that enter the intersection on a red light.  I know 
this sounds radical, but ...

Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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> Wayne says:
> "On a much less important issue, I have just avoided a huge traffic jam
> along Washington between 6th and 3rd caused by those turning left onto
> third continuing to come after the red light, getting caught in the
> intersection, and thus preventing traffic on 3rd in both directions from
> moving.
> Since this mess occurs almost daily during high traffic volumes and the
> MPD station is only a block away, one wonders... "
> I noticed this today as well, wondering if the lights had changed again.
> I know that ITD and the City of Moscow Street Department have been
> looking for ways to ameliorate this entanglement, usually sacrificing
> free flow from another direction.  It seemed that the way the lights had
> changed to allow left-turning traffic continue west was mitigating the
> problem.  Such was not the case today.
> DC
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