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From:  The Daily News 10-17-05

Time for male bonding on a river raft

Regarding Ed Iverson's column in the Daily News (Opinion, Oct. 8 & 9) and his exaltation of "the glorious bonds of male company." He does sound positively wistful for it, which is a bit surprising, since the institutions he's part of (New Saint Andrews College and Christ Church) don't allow any women on their governing boards, etc. Seems like there's plenty of time for him to hang with his gang. 
But, if it really is a problem, maybe this would be a good time for the bunch of them to take a raft trip down the Mississippi together and do some bonding, maybe even rediscover their male honor. I'm sure the women of Christ Church could rise to the occasion and do a fine job of taking care of things. 

In fact, it might not be a bad idea for other guys hungering for that kind of nostalgic male-only experience to just go along and make a great big trip of it, and all of us women will do some bonding ourselves while we run the social, political and religious institutions of the world for a while - say, a couple of thousand years or so? I'm sure we'd all be up for them taking some time off, and they might even find a few surprises when they got home. 

Rebecca Rod, Moscow 
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