[Vision2020] Carl's Questions (was: Not On The Palouse, Not Ever (Update #66))

Tom Ivie the_ivies3 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 11:09:36 PDT 2005

I like those answers!  Now, if we could get ALL the candidates to answer these!  The Bronco question would be my "Third Street" issue for sure!! -Tom

Dan Carscallen <areaman at moscow.com> wrote:
Do you agree that Angelina Jolie is the greatest actress of all time? 


Do you agree that the Boise State Broncos are the incarnation of pure

YES. There is no doubt

Do you agree with the choice of Daniel Craig as the new James Bond? 

At least he's British

Do you think the Mariners should trade Ichiro? 

For who?

Ginger or Maryanne?

MaryAnne lives in Idaho

Wilma or Betty? 

Tough call. Wilma has the maiden name going for her

I hope this helps.

Your pal for city council,

Dan Carscallen

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