[Vision2020] Challenge to the candidates: What's up with Weber &Lambert?

Dan Carscallen areaman at moscow.com
Sun Oct 16 11:55:28 PDT 2005

Donovan said:

	"I do understand though why Bill London, who asked the
candidates questions and did not get 	his questions answered would
feel insulted and not want to vote for them. Just as I felt when
Dan Carscallan never answered my question on his position about the
Third Street Bridge."

I had to look back through the archives to see where Donovan had asked
me, and I found it toward the bottom of a more lighthearted exchange.
Probably why I missed it.  Nothing nefarious was meant by not answering
the question.  For your answer, I offer up the following:

>From the v2020 questionaire:

	"As a resident of that neighborhood, I see both benefits and
drawbacks to having a bridge 	across the creek at Third street. I like
the idea of having connectivity in our transportation 	system. I also
like the idea of quicker access for emergency vehicles to that little
neighborhood. I don't like the idea of more traffic when kids are
walking to school. I think 	that IF the bridge gets put in, there
needs to be some plan to mitigate traffic hazards to the 	school
children, whether it be more crossing guards, four-way stops, or a
roundabout at Third 	and Cleveland. The biggest thing about this
bridge is that the City needs to look at whether 	building it is
in the public interest, and that means the entire public, not just a

>From the neighborhood/third street bridge list put together by Tom Ivie:

	"Prospective voter type people and concerned neighbors,

	"Tom asks my position on the bridge. I can live without it.
Would I
	vote against it? If it is a "bridge for the sake of building a
	then then I would vote against it.

	"That being said, the city council would need to look at it from
	standpoint of how it affects the city as a whole, not just the
	neighborhood. When I moved to this neighborhood, I knew the
bridge was
	already in the plan, as it should have been obvious to anyone
who looks
	at both the western and eastern side of the creek. The street on
	sides of the creek was built in anticipation of this bridge. But
	this does go through, we for DANG sure need to make sure safety
	are met. 

	"I believe there is a workshop concerning this on Octob! er 25
at 7 pm. It
	will be at either city hall or the Hamilton rec center. Whether
it will
	come up for vote before a new council is installed, I don't

	"Thanks for reading

	"Dan Carscallen"

Now, I know that sounds an awful lot like politician-speak, and I hate
it.  Believe me, there is quite a little war going on inside me about
it.  That's why I personally haven't been all that vocal about the

Hey, at least it's an answer.


P.S. its CARSCALLEN, with an E, not CARSCALLAN.  And it also sounds like
it's spelled.

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