[Vision2020] proposed ball fields/sports-complex across from arboretum

Ben Twigg bentwigg at turbonet.com
Thu Oct 13 20:19:58 PDT 2005


Chasuk wrote: 

"If we are going to spend lots of money on something that huge numbers of
teens enjoy, why not a gigantic youth center with dozens of Dance Dance
Revolution machines (arguably as athletic as football, etc.), and an
inexpensive salad bar so that our kids can eat healthily?"

I'll support your youth center, complete with Dance Dance Revolution
machines and salad bar, if you support my soccer fields! 

On a more serious note (I think!), Chasuk wrote: 

"Not being flippant, but what if we don't, as a community (or individually)
value youth sports?"

Good question! I will be the first to say that there are more important
things in life than soccer (or sports in general). If the community opposes
this project on the basis of not valuing youth sports, I can accept that. My
argument was more directed at individuals who claim to value youth sports
but are opposed to moving ahead with the current fields plan proposal.
Although I think legitimate concerns have been raised regarding the current
proposal, I also firmly believe that, for those who truly care about youth
sports, the benefits of moving ahead with this project outweigh the costs. 

Which leads me to Mike Curley's comments...Mike wrote:
"You said: 'if we don't move ahead with the current playfields proposal, it
will be years before we reach this point again.'  There are, however, no
facts given, nor any that are obvious to me, that makes the statement true."

Good catch, Mike. My statement was based on comments by city officials and
other individuals who have been actively involved in this project and/or
have experience with the bureaucratic challenges that this type of project
faces. I have had similar thoughts myself, wondering why we couldn't
accelerate the process. Maybe, just maybe, if we all worked together...

Mike also wrote:

"Many people are not opposed to locating ball fields at the proposed site,
but are opposed to the lights, the size of the parking facility, water
usage, the plans for what they consider to be a megaplex that operates
nights and weekends to the significant detriment of area neighborhoods as
well as to the arboretum, and other potentially detrimental aspects of the

Personally, I am more than willing to make concessions in any or all of
these areas, if it means moving ahead with the project. I would be thrilled
if I had semi-regular access to one 120 x 80 yard plot of smooth green
grass, and frankly I don't care where it is, what amenities are near it,
etc. However, I do not have any authority to make these sorts of decisions.

Mike also, also wrote:

"[I]t seems to me there is time to come together, listen, and reason our way
toward a solution that helps our childre--at less, or even no expense to our

I agree, and count me in as someone who is more than willing to hear all
sides of the issues involved. My biggest concern is that the result of this
approach will be putting new playfields on the "back burner," and that it
will be several years before we are discussing these issues again...

Thanks to Chasuk and Mike for thoughtful questions/comments. 


Ben Twigg

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