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I received this message from another citizen group and I have plagiarized it for posting on Vision2020:

Tonight at the Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center at 6:00 is our opportunity as citizens to give input and share our vision, dreams, and ideas about the future of Moscow.  

Participants at the session will be asked to take a few minutes and answer a short questionnaire.  The NewCities facilitators will then ask each person to share ONE of the things they've written.  EVERYONE will have an opportunity to share their visions.

It is important that all concerned citizens make an appearance.  Numbers of people expressing ideas, not necessarily the soundness of those ideas could possibly determine the future direction of our town. 

We hope to see you there. 

p.s.   You can also email your answers to the questionnaire to saustin at newcities.org
Below are the questions with the "ground rules" to follow.

1.  If Moscow, Idaho is to reach it's full potential as a thriving "new city of the 21st century", we must over the next 5-10 yrears:_____________________

2.  If we, as a community, are to be seen by others as a place where people want to live and work, and if our children want to be able to remain in or return to Moscow, we must take action now to_______________________

3.  by doing:_________________________________________________

You may submit up to 10 ideas.  Your ideas will be shared and incorporated into the community ideas that are gathered.

Ground Rules
  a.. You have to give your name and address. 
  b.. No other names of individuals can be mentioned in the statement. 
  c.. Brief, positive, and forward-looking statements are required. 
  d.. Only positive ideas and vision statements will be permitted. 
  e.. No reference to current disputes shall be permitted.

Bruce Livingston
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