[Vision2020] Kansas's Clyde Tombaugh Discovered Pluto, 1930!

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I should not poke fun at Clyde Tombaugh regarding Pluto's data, when in my 
previous post I made a lame attempt at humor at the expense of Clyde, for it 
appears he was not merely a data gathering drone, but the discoverer of Pluto in 
1930, a fact the data I presented implied, but did not make perfectly clear, 
at least to my silly little mind...

My sincerest apologies to the State of Kansas, the local Lions Club, Burdett 
American Legion, and Burdett High School, Kansas:

Bette Jo Roberts, Sen. Kassebaum's representative, noted that the state motto 
is "To the Stars through Difficulties."

Dr. Tombaugh's research, she said, "did take him to the stars through 
difficulty."  "Dr. Tombaugh," she added, turning to the grinning scientist, "you 
truly represent the spirit of Kansas."

Then it was Dr. Tombaugh's turn. He stole the show as he rightfully should 
since it was the day his home town chose to honor him for a lifetime of study, 
research and discovery that began on the family farm northwest of Burdett.



"The more I know the less I know I know."  --Ted Moffett
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