[Vision2020] Capitalist Voting (Tom, update #256)

heirdoug at netscape.net heirdoug at netscape.net
Mon Oct 3 08:40:37 PDT 2005

You gets it wrongs (update #256) when you chirps the followings: “Those
people that have filed zoning complaints with the Moscow City Council live
within the city of Moscow.” Tom would that include Dustin/Scott Bauer who 
resides, works and fishes in Washington State. He only claims to own 
property in Moscow and live over here on the weekends and on Wed evening 
(when there is a P&Z meeting). It is his brother that lives here and usta 
run a casino.

You then wents on to describes another member of the ‘Zoning Complaint 
Trio’, “unlike some who restrict their response to immature whinings (sic) 
on a public listserve, or worse yet - hiding behind a self-serving blog 
and "throwing rocks". Would you be describing Charlie ‘kirkus_circus” 
“Captian Kirker” Nolan’s immature anonymous whining (whining is both the 
singular and plural form, but then Tom you knew that!) and his wonderful 
faux-Blog ‘Dougsplotch.com’? Charlie is such a coward!

lemeno, Doug!

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