[Vision2020] Wilson's MA thesis

Joan Opyr joanopyr at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 1 16:56:12 PDT 2005

Dear Visionaries:

I offer the humblest of apologies to Nick Gier for asserting that he 
had directed Doug Wilson's thesis.  My bad, but Nick's good.  The fact 
that he is in no way responsible for the atrocity that is Doug Wilson's 
MA gives me the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.  I've actually 
read it, you see; I checked it out (when it was still available) from 
the University of Idaho Library.  I'd summarize it for those of you who 
are mildly interested but would much rather read "The Shining," or 
watch re-runs of Desperate Housewives, or clean out the trap on the 
kitchen sink, but there's really no need.  Over the years, Doug has 
regularly regurgitated bits of his thesis ad nauseum in Credenda Agenda 
(www.credenda.org) and on his blog (dougwils.com).

Phew.  What a relief.  So, Nick taught Doug Wilson, but he did not 
direct his thesis, and Nick tells us that he is in no way responsible 
for Doug Jones' failure to grasp the fundamentals of logic.  Good.  
Very good.  Ambien is fine for occasional sleeplessness, but I'd hate 
to think that Nick had to take it each and every time one of the Dougs 
published a fresh screed.

Just one more thing -- where does all of this leave Aaron Rench?  Since 
Doug Wilson is not Nick Gier's academic offspring, what is he?  The 
bastard at the UI Philosophy Department's family reunion, of course!  
And, according to the time-honored traditions of Southern genealogy, 
this makes Aaron Rench a bastard once-removed.  (If you'd like me to 
explain second cousins, black sheep, or red-headed stepchildren, 
please, contact me offlist.  I'd be happy to oblige.)

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

PS: Jews are obliged to donate to charity and to care for the poor and 
the needy.  We're supposed to keep a little box called a pushke into 
which we put whatever money we can spare.  One cannot be a truly 
observant Jew without performing tzedekah; in fact, according to Jewish 
tradition, the beggar is actually doing the giver a favor by accepting 
charity in that it allows the giver to perform tzedekah.  This, along 
with repentance (teshuvah) and prayer (tefilah), are the three required 
acts for God's forgiveness.  FYI, Rosh Hashanah approaches.  I'll be in 
England on the day and hope to hear the shofar blown at the London 
synagogue, but I wish you all l'shanah tovah in advance.  Time to walk 
into the water, empty your pockets, and cast off your sins to begin the 
New Year afresh.  I think I'll stay out the Thames, which is cold, 
swift, and dirty, but I will be performing tzedekah.  The last time I 
was in London was 15 years ago, but as I recall, there were plenty of 
opportunities for charity.

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