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On second thought, I'll post that correction out to Vision2020 after all. If
I was incorrect about Joan posting that, I'll fix it. No need for you to
track that down. 


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Two things. First, I'm not aware that there is a legal distinction in either
Washington or Idaho between a "legal contract of marriage" and a "religious
marriage union". 

The article you cite
(http://www.dailyevergreen.com/disp_story.php?storyId=4309) states: 

"Huskey and her partner, Joan Opyr, have been together for 11 years and have
a 3-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl. The couple was married in the
Moscow Community Congregational Church, yet spent thousands of dollars on
lawyers in order to ensure that they have some of the same protections
provided by a legal marriage contract."

That article doesn't say *anything* about a "religious union". It says that
you were *married* in the "Moscow Community Congregational Church" -- a
church which doesn't even exist. 

Perhaps it would have been better to go back to the Daily Evergreen 2+ years
ago and correct those comments then and there? It's quite misleading to
state in the Daily Evergreen that you were married in a non-existent church
when you weren't. Agreed? 

Second, I don't have the ability to edit people's comments (even my own).
But since that comment was made on the blog, feel free to comment on it
there and I will *gladly* acknowledge that Joan made that comment. 


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Dale writes:

"And I do try to be fair and honest; correct my mistakes; and give reference
to all the sources I cite. I do not find it "rude" or "unchristian" not to
back down from things that are right -- even when it pokes a hole in
someone's pet theories."

On April 28th, Dale, you wrote:

  "Don #2, 
      "Thanks for posting that link to Melinda's diatribe. 
      "And, yes, homosexual marriage is still illegal in Idaho. See: [link
to code deleted]
      "And while they may 'claim' to be married in Idaho [link to Daily
Evergreen article deleted], it's still illegal in both Idaho and Washington.

      "I wonder if Saundra and Rose will pursue such a blatant violation of
Idaho State Law with the ferocity that they persecute Christ Church? After
all, they are only doing their civil duties."

 But I didn't write the "diatribe" in question:  Joan Opyr was the author of
the piece.  You'll be correcting that?

Same-sex marriage is presently illegal in Idaho and Washington; I can't have
a state-recognized marriage.  But I have never claimed to be legally
married.  I have never attempted to get a marriage license, either
fradulently or as an act of civil disobedience.  In the Daily Evergreen
article you cite, I clearly differentiate between the legal contract of
marriage, from which Joan and I are excluded, and our religious union. 
State law doesn't regulate my religious practice, so my church wedding
didn't break the law.  Acknowledging that I am married by the standards of
my faith, although not of the state, isn't illegal either.  

You have falsely accused me of breaking Idaho law.  Can I expect a

Melynda Huskey

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