[Vision2020] zoning and property tax

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No. NSA should not be tax exempt. They should pay tax. They should also be allowed to stay where they are. It that entails a zone change so be it.
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> Here is a fascinating concept.  
> Instead of enforcing the rules against an entity that violates the rules, we
> can simply change the rules so that NSA can be a tax-exempt entity with a
> Main Street address.  And when more and more tax-exempt entities (such as
> the school by Nuart) acquire Main Street addresses, there will be absolutely
> no recourse.  
> After all - NSA did it.
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> I seems to me that some people are taking about these two issues
> interchangeably. They are separate or should be
> 1. Everyone who runs a business should pay property tax.
> 2. NSA may be in violation of the zoning codes as currently written.This
> should be easily rectified by amending the code to allow NSA to stay put.
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