[Vision2020] Changes in order?

J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Sat May 21 00:17:40 PDT 2005

I agree with Miss Joan's assessment that changes are in order re: 
city/county "representatives"...however, I'd like to add that perhaps we 
need to look at "A" specific City official that is supposed to know what is 
going on in this town developmentally if, for no other reasons than (a) to 
be alert to the direction the development that the city is taking is 
correct; (b) to know who is doing what and if they are doing so with/without 
proper notification to the City and State Tax assessors. building 
inspectors, fire/police, etc.; (c) to know if a stated use of a building is 
sound, safe, allowable, stupid or wise; (d) to keep "mistakes" down to a 
minimum so as to not cause the kind of hassle that is now occurring with the 
Alt. High School; (e) to be able to make sound decisions that he can 
logically and rightfully defend in front of the people of Moscow as well as 
the City Council and Latah County Commissioners.

At this point, I believe an audit of Mr. Plaskon's decision ability should 
be made.  I, for one, am not comfortable with him telling me, for one 
instance re: the Alt High School, "I made a mistake letting the school in 
that building in that zone.  I just assumed they were making another 
convenience store out of it."

Since when can a school move into a theater building and only after Mr. 
Plaskon notifies them their building really is not suited for a school, 
suggests the school remodel and have inspections to be able to document that 
it now can pass as a school - down town, no less?  Does this make any sence 
to anyone that we have a City of Moscow offical telling a group how to break 
the law or at the very least, bend it?

I also think an accounting by the City Departments may be in order - in 
specific, do you guys even talk to one another and let each other's office 
know what you're working on?  What projects are being done in/around town?  
What impact(s) a project may have on the town and/or it citizens?

Talk about the blind leading the blind here.

Now for all of you Kirkers who think this is my way of saying "Bad 
government, very bad" - FORGET IT.  The system works when you don't have a 
bunch of mis-fits screwing with it or trying to unduly influence the very 
people you say should not even have a job, but whom you are very willing to 
say "Bend over - this won't hurt a bit."

I also question, STRONGLY question, the stacking of the Chamber with 1/3 of 
its board members from one church/organization as a proper use of 
representation.  Just whom are we supposed to believe you are representing?


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