[Vision2020] Wilsons attack Moscow Food Co-op

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Thu May 19 17:56:49 PDT 2005

Mr. Hansen,

"And just how soon, Mr. Arnold, can we expect to
attend a same-sex marriage in Friendship Square
conducted by Pastor Douglas Wilson?"

Or how about conducted by the Pope? Or a Bishop of the
Mormon Church, or a Muslim? Are we going after them

See, Mr. Hansen, you cannot discriminate against
people because they do not share your values, that
would make you just as guilty as a social
conservative. Few people on this earth believe as you
do. You cannot fault a person for following their
faith and doing what they think is right.

You can however, challenge someone and their faith in
what is right and wrong. We all need to grow in our
understandings of what is fair and right.  

Your wording admits that you do not want Mr. Wilson
downtown because he believes marriage should be one
way. That is just as bad as if it were applied to a
group of people that believe that Gay marriage was
acceptable. You cannot have one set of laws for gay
people and their supporters and another group of laws
for non-gay and their supporters. The law must be the
same and apply the same equally to everyone.

Yes, gays and lesbians, people with disabilities, the
elderly, everyone, deserves equal treatment. But we do
not get there by lying, unequal enforcement of the
law, and discrimination against a group of people
because we do not like, admire, or agree with them.
That is just wrong.

Take Care,

Donovan J Arnold

--- Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:
> And just how soon, Mr. Arnold, can we expect to
> attend a same-sex marriage
> in Friendship Square conducted by Pastor Douglas
> Wilson?
> Take care, Moscow.
> Tom "I'm straight, but not narrow" Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
> "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any
> more than going to a
> garage makes you a mechanic."
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> Ms. Huskey wrote,
> "one of the first ordinances in our fair city was
> one
> which prohibited any person of Chinese descent from
> living within 5 miles of the city center. In fact,
> there's a perfect example of a really wicked zoning
> law,. . ."
> And that is why others in Moscow are attempting to
> replicate it with a different group of hated people.
> Old traditions die hard. 
> Take Care,
> Donovan J Arnold 
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