[Vision2020] Lewiston Tribune 5/18/2005 -- Complaint: Co-op and college share zoning violations

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The following excerpts come from an article in this morning's (5/18/2005)
Lewiston Tribune:
"Complaint: Co-op and college share zoning violations

Tribune and Moscow-Pullman Daily News

MOSCOW -- Two alumni of New Saint Andrews College have filed a complaint
alleging the Moscow Food Co-op is in violation of the same zoning
regulations that were the basis of a recent ruling against the college by
the Moscow Zoning Board of Adjustment. . . 

In filing the complaint against the Moscow Co-op, Aaron Rench and Nathan
Wilson want to bring to light the inequitable treatment New Saint Andrews is
receiving, according to a press release from the two. 

Rench and Wilson point out the city code distinguishes between retail
operations, which are specifically permitted in the central business
district, and grocery stores, which are mentioned only as a use in the motor
business district. . .

Wilson, a teacher at New Saint Andrews College and the son of Doug Wilson,
pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, adds, "The reason we're doing this is
because those people who would like to see (New Saint Andrews) ousted from
downtown also seem to be big fans of the Co-op's move. But the odd logic
that would exclude (New Saint Andrews) would also exclude the Co-op." 

Rench also perceives the hypocrisy in the zoning board's ruling. 

"We'd like to see people admit their motives. They want to insist on an
oddly wooden interpretation of the code when it comes to a Christian
college, so they can push it out, but then bend and waffle fudge on the same
logic when it comes to something they want. 

"The Co-op belongs downtown. We hope that's obvious. But so does (New Saint
Andrews). Both contribute to the local economy, and both find themselves in
almost exactly the same zoning situation." <snip>

For those interested in learning more about the twisted "logic" behind this
complaint, I refer you back to Doug Wilson's monologue:

And, for those interested in legal opinion of the problem with Wilson's &
his minions' attack on the Co-Op being in the Central Business District, I
refer you to the Q&A on ZoneMoscow:

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

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