[Vision2020] auroras!!

Jasper Nance nanc3296 at uidaho.edu
Sun May 15 14:46:21 PDT 2005

   What a grand display last night! The storm really reached a peak around 12:45 AM with green shimmering curtains overhead and slightly to the south that stretched across the entire sky. 

>From Lyons Rd the swirling bands were directly above the sparkling city lights of Moscow. Far off thunderstorms chimed in with intermittent purple and orange flashes to the south and east on either side of the Moscow lights. It was truly breathtaking!

   To the north, the clouds were too thick to see any detail but the glow was bright enough to read by, and was easily seen from within the city (and even out my window while I was hurling my cameras into my backpack in a frenzy). 

   Unfortunately high cirrus clouds whooshed in around 1:30 AM and blocked out all but an ambient glow and remained that way until around 2:00 AM when I just couldn't force myself to stay awake any longer :c)

Did anyone else see these great graduation-day skies? 

          Ms Jasper Nance

Jasper Nance
Creative Photographer

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  If you're still awake, GO OUTSIDE! there are auroras to the north!  Its a bit cloudy but its not too bad.

  (Go Vandal graduates!)

  Jasper Nance
  Creative Photographer


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