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aaron ament citizenament at moscow.com
Fri May 13 13:41:14 PDT 2005

Last night I attended a public hearing held by the Moscow Board of Adjustment.  By a 2 to 1 vote, the commissioners ruled that Zoning Commissioner Joel Plaskon was wrong to say that New Saint Andrews use of its downtown property was allowed under existing code.  The board ruled for the complainants.
Joel Plaskon spoke to the relevant issues as did the complainants attorney, Mike Curley.  Not so the representative for New Saint Andrews, a Mr. Dickenson[?].
He refused to address the issue and spoke instead of the imagined motives of the complainants.  The commission chairman asked the N.S.A. representative more than once to refrain from attacking the complainants and speak to the issue.
Joel Plaskon said that he used a "holistic" approach to reach his decision.  A "holistic" look at the actions of N.S.A. and its affiliated enterprises tells me they have yet to find a law they are willing to obey.

 "Citizen" Ament

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