[Vision2020] Time Travelers Convention?

Carl Westberg carlwestberg846 at hotmail.com
Mon May 9 14:48:41 PDT 2005

This is a heavy onus to lay on me, Ted.  Perhaps the responsible thing to do 
would be to hop back in time to last Friday and not send the NY Times 
article about the time traveller's convention which evidently started the 
whole thing.  But then again, by doing that, could I not unleash unexpected 
consequences vis-a-vis chaos theory?  If I didn't send it, then you wouldn't 
have spent the time writing about time travel, and may instead have decided 
to go downtown for a cup of coffee.  In crossing the street, you may have 
stepped in front of a chip truck, forcing it to swerve into the next lane, 
causing a multi car pile-up, resulting in injuries.  One of the injured 
people could have been a certain ardent anti-school levy type, who, upon 
having his injuries evaluated, was told he would need a blood transfusion.  
To top it off, it would be discovered that he has a rare blood type matched 
only by a certain ardent school levy supporter.  This, of course, would 
create an obvious dilemma.  Any theories on this?                            
                       Carl Westberg Jr.

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>Subject: [Vision2020] Time Travelers Convention?
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>Tom et. al.
>Blame Carl Westberg.  I believe these posts from Carl started or at least
>encouraged the discussion of time travel.  In fact Carl in one post blessed 
>idea of this discussion with an "Amen."  I'm glad Carl has found religion!
>Ted Moffett
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>Donovan concludes by asking: "Anyone want to talk about the probablity of
>time travel?  It beats the levy."  Amen.  I often find myself wishing I was
>5 minutes younger.                                                        
>                                                             Carl Westberg
>Subj:   [Vision2020] NYTimes.com: Time Travelers to Meet in Not Too Distant
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>Just for for a fun read on a Friday. Hoping I'm not violating any copyright
>laws..... .Carl Westberg Jr.
>NATIONAL |   May 6, 2005
>Time Travelers to Meet in Not Too Distant Future
>Some students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have organized
>what they call the first time traveler convention.
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