[Vision2020] Buck Rogers, Wonder Woman, and CHiPs

Pat Kraut pkraut at moscow.com
Sat May 7 10:01:05 PDT 2005

I'd like to see Flash Gordon remade without the modern sex. But this show is
what I thought of the first time I saw the first rocket go up. But, I am
really dating my self here.

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I love the remakes of Star Trek and Battle Star
Galactica. Those were great shows to watch then and

But why have they not yet remade Buck Rogers, Wonder
Woman, and CHiPs?

That fan base still exists. Those of us that use to
watch those shows would most likely watch them again
today if they remade them.

Buck Rogers would be awesome with today's technology.
The idea of a present day man being thrown into the
future several hundred years is still a good one.

Wonder Woman is also a great show. There are not many
female role models out there that are as well known as
she is. If you modernized her, made her powers make
sense, like where her purse goes when she spins
around, I think that show would go over well.

CHiPs. This show speaks for itself. I would image
today that the producers would not have a hard time
coming up with weird and interesting things that
happen on the highways of San Diego for Johnny and
Paunch to fix.

Anyone else miss these shows?

Take Care,

Donovan J Arnold

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