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Thank you!

Ah, a sence of humor...can it be transplanted?  How about transfused?  Or, I 
know - grown in a garden with a sundial that shows the time of year - so you 
know when best to pick it and enjoy it?!


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>Does Stephen Hawking wear a wrist watch?  Just wondering.
>David Byrne says:
>Time isn't holding us,
>Time isn't after us.
>Time isn't holding us,
>Time isn't after us.
>Letting the days go by,
>Letting the water hold me down.
>Letting the days go by,
>Water flowing underground.
>Wait.  That sounds like time is after us, or at least after some of us.
>Better check with CQE and the County Assessor's Office and Stephen Hawking
>to find out exactly which of us is subject to time -- or, better yet,
>demand that Wayne Fox check this out for us.  Otherwise, he's wasting his
>Sorry.  I was possessed for a moment by the spirit of (Moe, Larry &) Curly.
>Not Mike Curley, mind you.  That's spelled with an extra "e."  Hmm . . .
>does Mike have any brothers?  What are their names?  Do they ever call one
>another "Chuckles" or "Chowderhead?"  Do they eat Trail Mix?
>It's 1:26 pm on 5/6/05.  What does that mean theologically and
>philosophically and in terms of when "The Grim Adventures of Billy and
>Mandy" will be on Toon Network?  No, don't answer that.  There is no time,
>there are no numbers, and so I won't have missed it.
>Carl -- how are the Mariners doing?  I say they've won the pennant.  And
>who can prove me wrong?  I'm going to talk to a theologian; namely, myself.
>I have that Internet ordination, you know.
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