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hayfields at moscow.com hayfields at moscow.com
Wed May 4 21:50:53 PDT 2005

Tonight my high school daughter recieved a call from a representative 
from the YFU program (Youth For Understanding).  She had indicated we 
might be willing to host a student, and apparently they are seeking 
families in Idaho willing to host students for a year.  The nice young 
man had access to the YFU records from the past and he was surprised that 
in the 80's (when I was in school) Moscow was swarming with students 
(compared to other Idaho towns).  He told me that in the last 10 years 
Moscow has hosted around 6-8 YFU students.  Is this possible?  We had 5 
or 6 per YEAR when I was in school.    For a  community that values 
diversity I wonder how well we are doing to advance the value?  Does 
anyone know the number of current foreign exchange students at the high 
school.  Please contact me if you might be interested in this program or 
helping to get it started again.
I would be happy to share the information he sends me.

Heather Jordan
hayfields at moscow.com

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