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Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Wed May 4 10:06:46 PDT 2005

"who was once our resident schizophrenic."--Joan Opyr

This is the third time in the last few months that I
have heard the term "schizophrenic" used in a
derogatory manner. 

Let me explain something to people that do this and
obviously do not know people struggling with it.
Schizophrenia is a REAL mental illness. It has nothing
to do with split personality. Nor does it strike
people because they are bad people. It is caused by
the slow deterioration of parts of the brain. There is
no cure for it. It is a mental illness that is very
challenging to those that have it. 

Many thousands of families have to deal with the pain
and mental anguish of watching someone close to them
get worse and worse and not being able to do anything
about it. It is even worse when you watch it in
children and young adults. 

I do not care your background, education, or
experience. When you use the term schizophrenic in a
derogatory and offense term you are hurting more then
just the person you are targeting and publicly
humiliating many people with a real disability that is
life threatening and challenging. 

I ask that people to please STOP doing this. 

Take Care,

Donovan J Arnold

--- "joanopyr at earthlink.net" <joanopyr at earthlink.net>

> Ladies and Gentlemen of Vision 2020,
> Those of us who have been on this list for a few
> years will remember poor Doug Stambler, who was once
> our resident schizophrenic.  Mr. Stambler posted
> ten, twenty, or thirty times per day -- incoherent,
> rambling, paranoid conspiracy theories.  He saw all;
> he knew all; he could predict all.  (He was also
> heavy with the libel and the capitalization.)  There
> was no reasoning with Doug Stambler, and no
> reasonable conversation was possible either with him
> or around him.  LIke a drunk on a city bus, he spent
> all day every day vomiting on the regular commuters.
>  In short, he was hopelessly disruptive.  Those of
> us who got the wise idea of adding him to our "block
> sender" lists soon found that Mr. Stambler had
> bypassed them by changing his email addresses
> rapidly and at random.  The question soon arose of
> what to do: should he barred from Vision 2020?  And
> if so, by whom?  
> In the end, we decided as one (though Mr. Stambler
> was frankly many) to ignore him.   
> It is now clear that we have not one but two new
> Doug Stamblers on Vision 2020.  I intend from here
> on out to ignore them.  When they change their email
> addresses, I'll simply update my block sender list. 
> I will not respond to their posts; I will not be
> provoked.  I can only recommend that my fellow
> Visionaries do the same.  Don't feed a stray dog if
> you want it to go away. 
> 'Ere long we will again have productive
> conversations on this list.  As soon as I regain my
> own equilibrium, I intend to be part of them.  In
> the meantime, I'll reminisce about the time Crazy
> Charlie barfed into my Aunt Colleen's pocketbook on
> a Capital Area Transit Bus in Raleigh, North
> Carolina.  Sic transit gloria.
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