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With all due apologies to Phil Roderick, this is an infinitely more 
important posting than any you have sent since the levy election ended a 
week ago.                                                                    
                                                           Carl Westberg Jr.

>From: Debbie Gray <dgray at uidaho.edu>
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>Subject: [Vision2020] Eric McMillan Scholarship Fund
>Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 16:06:14 -0700
>Press Release
>University of Idaho
>Moscow, ID 83844
>May 2, 2005
>Eric McMillan Memorial Scholarship
>A scholarship in memory of slain UI student Eric McMillan, who
>died on September 19, 2004, is being created by his English
>instructor, Marcia Kmetz, and Ethnic Literature professor, Jan
>Johnson. Organizers must raise $25,000 to establish the
>scholarship and are asking for donations of $5 from 5,000
>An essay Eric wrote the week before his murder reflecting on
>this young life in Oceanside, California inspired the
>scholarship. He lived in this "bottom on high" until he was 12;
>it was a city ruled by drug lords, overrun by crime, and
>devastated by poverty. According to his writing instructor,
>Marcia Kmetz, "many of the young men and women who grew up on
>those streets did not survive them; Eric did. His essay
>demonstrated such strength and such a mature recognition of his
>responsibility for others that I was deeply moved. After his
>death, this essay took on even greater importance. Eric was a
>fine young man and his life was one of leadership and
>friendship. He worked to improve race relations in his high
>school community. He helped care for his ill mother. He made
>many friends on our campus and left a lasting memory, a memory
>of a kind, giving man."
>Kmetz and Johnson want to memorialize Eric by creating a
>scholarship targeted toward those who have escaped from
>difficult circumstances and who have improved both their own
>life and the lives of those around them. This scholarship will
>be based primarily on character to reflect the best of Eric.
>Says Kmetz, "Eric was a living symbol of the American Dream at
>its finest, but was tragically denied the conclusion of that
>dream. We'd like to let his memory live on by helping to provide
>that dream to others."
>Scholarship organizers and friends of Eric McMillan will be
>collecting donations for The Eric McMillan Memorial Scholarship
>this Friday, May 6th in front of the Idaho Commons between 10 am
>and 4 pm. Donations may also be dropped off at the Continuing
>Education Building, Room 117, or mailed to campus zip 3147.  Off
>campus donations should be mailed to:
>	 Eric McMillan Memorial Scholarship
>              University of Idaho Foundation
>              Gift Administration Office
>              PO Box 443147
>              Moscow, ID 83844-3147
>Marcia Kmetz, kmet2153 at uidaho.edu
>Jan Johnson, janjohn at uidaho.edu
>Both can be reached through the UI Department of English, (208)
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